Dillon Gage Metals Featured on CBS News

    | December 4, 2013 | 3 Comments

    Dillon Gage Metals, located in Addison, TX, is among the most diverse companies in the precious metal industry and one of only a handful of authorized purcha…
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    3 Comments on "Dillon Gage Metals Featured on CBS News"

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    1. john doe says:

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    2. virgilbruce says:

      I just had a great experience with this company. I made an appointment to
      refine about $20k worth of gold jewelry–mainly 14k–and was told it would
      probably assay at around 50% but turned out to be over 56%. I was allowed
      to watch the process, and they cut me a check on the spot. Very nice people
      to work with, very efficient, and IMO, very honest.

    3. JohnHubel says:

      My thoughts on Dillon Gage Refinery. Sent in over 3 1/2 troy ounces last
      month and got an offer of $3300.Spot price was locked in at $1543/oz.
      Independant XRF assay confirmed it between 18-22 karat.(87.4 percent gold)
      I Refused that low offer then the company returned a bar of 12 karat silver
      and gold metal alloy worth approx $2700, when the original gold bar was
      worth over $5000. Beware they have theives working as employees or the
      company itself supports this activity.

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