Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time

    | May 6, 2015 | 25 Comments

    Sonia and Anita, two sisters living in India, have been blind since birth, but a simple eye operation makes it possible for them to see their mom for the first time. The nonprofit organization…


    25 Comments on "Two Blind Sisters See for the First Time"

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    1. Spud4X says:

      Someone is definitely cutting onions around here. They keep nipping my eyes :-) 

    2. Michael Caristi says:

      I do not know why there is suffering in this world. I am not a doctor or a
      scientist, nor am I a philosopher or theologian. I can offer no concise
      explanation as to why a god would allow such a thing as evil and suffering,
      although I have thought about it extensively. I do, however, believe in
      God. I also believe in science. I don’t wish to demean the amazing human
      beings who made it possible for these girls to receive sight, but I do
      believe God’s hand was involved to some extent. I have my humble beliefs,
      my personal convictions, the perspective of one heart mind and soul. This
      does not mean that I can’t give respect and credence to the beliefs of
      others. The important thing here is that these beautiful girls can see, and
      I am filled with joy. I love you all.

    3. Shaddic D says:

      Wait is their vision clear? I could imagine it would be a little blurry. If
      their vision is clear then wow. Applause to that. 

    4. LivyLew42's Awesome Party of Videos says:

      So, guys, all the fighting in the comments about God/Gods vs Science and
      Medicine. Why?
      To be entirely honest, I’m not on any one team, and I’m happy that way.
      If God exists, then he exists, and I do my best to be a good person and the
      best that I can be, and I’m pretty sure I’d wind up in heaven by doing that.
      If he doesn’t exist, that’s fine by me too, because science and medicine
      can prolong lives enough that there won’t be a need to die someday and all
      the kinks will be worked out.
      If there’s something else governing the universe instead of a God, cool by
      me (Unless it’s something mean of course but still it’s pretty damn
      I just think that since there’s no possible way to prove or disprove
      anything (Yet), we can accept it.
      Those who have faith are impressive for taking a leap and trusting, and
      those who have no faith are equally impressive for depending on themselves
      and their own beliefs.
      There’s nothing wrong with either, or with being who you are.
      The only thing wrong is fighting each other over it.

    5. Kelleigh E. says:

      I wish I could donate right now. What a fantastically wonderful gift to

    6. Zavien Franklin says:

      Like this comment if this made you cry. I cried…

    7. Taniha Tripura says:

      They’re speaking Bengali and I can understand them lol but their accents
      are a little different from my Bengali accent. I have been in america so
      OBVIOUSLY my accents ain’t gonna be pure

    8. worldwarZ says:

      Don’t bring God into this.

    9. NerdHQ says:

      Praise Odin for this miraculous save.

      I mean it’s not like science had to do anything with it. pffft.

    10. Videowithnomeaning says:

      Jeez, what the hell is up with all the disrespect towards religious people?
      It’s not like we only do prayer and nothing else! We are thaught to both
      pray and ACT UPON our needs, which means we have to do something in order
      for it to happen.

      You don’t believe in god, okay that’s your choice. But don’t go around
      spitting out Videorg to people who find comfort and peace in believing in
      something greater than themselves.

    11. marissa martinez says:

      Why doesn’t every blind person in the US have this done? I’ve never heard
      of this operation ? 

    12. Brosuars says:

      God made people people medicine case solved

    13. veronique auclair says:

      I cried it was so touching !!!

    14. alexander lee says:

      My sister is .. b-b-lind :( I j-j-ust want to kill myself, why – why didnt
      i be blind :( why didnt I be the 1 ? :( WHY PICK MY SISTER D:

    15. Chris Cunningham says:

      Thank science that they got their sight, for God (if you believe in said
      being) made them blind.

    16. Alana D says:

      Ok…now I’m baffled.

      Why does it only cost $300 altogether for this surgery for blind people to
      see, but it costs over $30000 *per ear* for a cochlear implant so a D/deaf
      person can hear? Is it just a simpler procedure to do or something?

    17. loch70 says:

      First, my english stinks. And second Im not a communist, im a socialist.
      Maybe Im wrong but we could introduce
      like a world taxes. Why do not we put taxes on the rich people that force
      them to pay maybe a 1% in worldtax. That would be enough to do many things.
      But maybe people would get it to good. And the population would rice to
      uncontrollable amounts. There is our problem people.

    18. VIP 2NEXO says:

      This is why we should thank God for giving us eyesight. We sould appreciate
      whatt we have.

    19. Shipoopiism says:

      I hope this is a legit organization and not another Kony2012.

    20. SimplyCin says:

      Wait! So this is possible? Why then do we have blind people in the States,
      many of whom aren’t poor?

    21. Blackout 7955 says:

      All of these crack heads talking about God and blah blah blah, he’s fake
      get over it… Made up…. As real as your imaginary friend when you were
      5. These organizations should be coming to America where the process will
      of better assistance than these poor, third world countries. I mean come
      on, bathing in mud?

    22. MsRandomnotes1 says:

      A beautiful story,of a beautiful family…

    23. bob ultraman says:

      God maid them blind and man maid them see

    24. Lemon Drops says:

      Not going to lie, I cried.

    25. Cristal Reyes says:

      God doesn’t exist it’s the scientists that made that possible thank them 

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