Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 Small Business Scanner

    | May 5, 2015 | 18 Comments

    My review of the Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 is based on what we use it for, so it might not be the most comprehensive thing ever. Basically we needed one of these for business use, and you guys…
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    18 Comments on "Fujitsu Scansnap ix500 Small Business Scanner"

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    1. LinusTechTips says:

      THIS. VIDEO. WILL. BLOW. YOUR. MIND. or not… I guess we’ll see…

    2. ClarityYoutube says:


    3. GamingSoftwarePlays says:

      I dont really care what you put up, i still watch it

    4. PapaGeorg10 says:

      More reviews on products like these please.

    5. PapaGeorg10 says:

      I really want this but damn its expensive.

    6. Gustavo Fats says:

      Should I buy a new one for $420 or a refurbished one for $299?

    7. ForTheViolence says:

      I can’t believe I just watched a video about a scanner, DAMNIT. I watch
      every video on this channel.

    8. yorkiesandskittles says:

      What’s that icon beside “join” in the outro meant to be?

    9. Lance McGrew says:

      Yes — keep doing more business related hardware and software productivity

    10. awesomes8wc3 says:

      No Ethernet
      No Go

    11. jacob james says:

      Finally something that isn’t gaming stuff I’m bored with all of that gaming

    12. OneJacobOfMany says:

      Why are they called Kensington locks? Was there a guy names Kensington who
      kept having his stuff stolen?

    13. Duffel Bag Full of Tech says:

      W…W… WINDOWS 7!? Lol jk

    14. HostileMAV says:

      your printer is on the toilet? 

    15. Chris Leo Ngaruthi says:

      You sir, you are the MVP!!

    16. Alnoor Ratansi says:

      can ix500 be setup to scan form 2 computers, say one from usb connection
      and one from wireless connection ?, if yes how

    17. Artur K says:

      I would definitely love to see more videos like this! #happypanda 

    18. Rob Potvin says:


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