Organize My New Makeup Freelance Kit With Me

    | May 6, 2015 | 12 Comments

    Organize My New Makeup Freelance Kit With Me

    HI BEAUTIFUL ♥ LIKE & SUBSCRIBE for more beauty and vlog videos! Seya Soft Sided Rolling Kit with Drawers: —————————————…


    12 Comments on "Organize My New Makeup Freelance Kit With Me"

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    1. Makeup By Carrisa says:

      Organize my kit with me :) 

    2. Carol Pino says:

      Your eye makeup looks awesome, seeing all your makeup makes me want to buy
      more, and the new kit you have is great has so much space! 

    3. EBONYMONiQUE777 says:

      i would keep my lip tars in that baggy you had them in. accidents happen
      and next thing you know you have a big mess. (speaking from experience) 

    4. Caitlyn Kreklewich says:

      Oooo it’s so flashy and awesome!

    5. ElegantRissa says:

      Awesome video! I love watching how others organize their makeup especially
      freelancers. By the way your makeup looks great in this video xo rissa

    6. BeautyInAmin says:

      Great kit, love your make up in this video too! xx 

    7. Karla Menjivar says:

      Great bag. I love everything you have. Im also building my kit. Thank you
      for sharing because this is going to help me a lot.

    8. Vyda Nguyen says:

      This was pretty cool to watch! Its so crazy how much a freelance artist has
      to carry with them. 

    9. Domniki Sarri says:

      So awesome makeup products!I love your makeup in this video!

    10. Beauty By Brandy says:

      That makeup case is perfect. I have been wanting something to work out of
      and that looks so functional

    11. Cosmogirl2013 says:

      I have one that looks like that I love it! It fits everything and then some :) 

    12. Courtney Pollock says:

      Girl where do you get your music? I need new stuff :) I loveeee your new
      kit!!! It makes me want a new one! 

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